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Truly Head & Shoulders Above The Crowd!

Bring Your Characters To Life!

ROVER INTERNATIONAL was established in 1987; since then has been manufacturing unique INFLATABLE mascot costumes, created by an in-house team of designers. 

ROVER INTERNATIONAL continues to work with many high profile clients / companies, making bespoke mascot costumes their speciality!

Big, bright, light-weight and easy to use, INFLATABLE mascots are becoming the best form of in and outdoor advertisement and amusement. Not is easy to transport and store inflatables but they are a lot more hygienic and require less then half the amount of maintenance that conventional mascots do.

The fan based system enables people to move freely inside, whilst keeping cool and sweat free! Its light-weight and durability allows the costume to be used in or outdoors.



Attention-grabbing costumes are a great way to advertise and get your message across more effectively in a fun and lively manner.

Maybe your goal is to promote your product, an event or liven up a child’s party. Either way, these larger-than-life mascots will add a touch of humour whilst creating an impression, making your event one to remember.

A whole host of Gallery/ Stock designs sit at the tip of your fingertips.


Check out some of their Custom & Clients’ designs to see what you’re working with, and maybe get some ideas for your very own!